Communities are constantly evolving, so is their transportation needs. GllydCoach provides a clean, efficient, affordable and secure means of transit. Hop aboard and experience the future of public transit. Always Gllyd your way!

Stay Eco-Friendly | Stay Connected | Stay Cashless

Features of Gllyd Coach


Gllyd Coach is an efficient eco-friendly luxurious bus, zero fossil fuel is utilized. Thereby, saving you up to 40% cost on every trip.


All Gllyd Coaches are equipped with
-Free Internet Wi-Fi Connection
-Charging Ports
-7inch LCD entertainment screen
-Adjustable seats

Safety/ Security

Gllyd Coach is equipped with breathalyzers to ensure drivers don’t drive under the influence . Cameras and an In-App panic button is connected to Gllyd HQ and Law Enforcement Agencies in the event of emergencies.

Reliable Schedule

All Gllyd Coaches arrive bus stops at scheduled times. In-app notification is sent to commuters