Its Eco-Friendly. Its Electric. Its Affordable.

Gllyding your city just got Easier! Better! Cheaper! Ride a GllydCab in four steps.Tap-Tap-Tap-Tap and you are on your way! Enjoy your exiciting trip with zero traffic congestion.

It’s All on Gllyd!

Stay Eco-Friendly | Stay Connected | Stay Cashless

Choose Your Style

Gllyd Cab provides you with rides that best fit your personality and occasion.

You are what you ride…

Gllyd Regular

  • Car : Crossover SUV
  • Free Internet Wi-Fi

Gllyd Lux

  • Car : SUV Electric
  • Free Internet Wi-Fi
  • Entertainment/Charging Port

Features of Gllyd Cab


Gllyd Cab is an efficient eco-friendly luxurious car, zero fossil fuel is utilized. Thereby, saving you up to 40% cost on every trip. Our pricing mechanism is highly optimized to provide you with cheapest rate possible.

In-car Support

  • -Stable Internet Wi-Fi Connection
  • -Charging Ports
  • -Entertainment screen
  • -Comfy Ride interior


Gllyd Cab is equipped with breathalyzers to ensure no drink and drive, Heads Up Display (HUD), Security Camera and In-App panic button

Route Optimization

Gllyd utilizes route optimization algorithm to provide real-time traffic update for all Gllyd fleet. Also, provides alternative route during rush hour.