Is Gllyd vacancies public?

Yes, Gllyd makes public vacant positions which would be on the Gllyd Website

What is the difference between Gllyd and other cab hailing service companies?

Yes, Gllyd’s mandate is centered on environmental protection and on a larger scale, better health which is why
EV’s are used as they reduce carbon footprint and CO2 gases to the atmosphere

How can I edit my profile information?

Click on your profile and update any personal information

How can I recover lost items after a Gllyd ride?

Report to contact@gllyd.com with full details of the missing item and driver details

How can I report an accident?

Contact customer care through the Gllyd Talk under Gllyd Xperience

How do I contact Gllyd in case of emergency?

Email contact@gllyd.com and an immediate response would be given

What if iGllyd coach is late or does not show up?

Gllyd coaches arrive and depart at the designated times. However, if late as a result of unavoidable circumstances,
you would get a notification of delay

Can I get a refund if I miss my bus?

No refunds can be granted but the online tickets can be used for the same trip on another day

Can I notify iGllyd coach if I am minutes late?

Gllyd coaches leave at the exact time so endeavor to arrive on time

How long are coach passes valid on iGllyd coach?

The passes are gotten online and are valid until when used

Are there security measures in place for users?

Gllyd put in place measures like in-car breathalyzers which ensures Gllyd drivers don’t drive under the influence.The Gllyd app also has a distress button that connects to the Gllyd HQ and local law enforcement

Are the payment rates for each Gllyd service different?

There is a standard rate which cuts across all Gllyd services however some may cost more than others

What is iGllyd, Gllyd Coach, Gllyd Luxe?

iGllyd is an eco-friendly and cost effective car sharing service, specifically designed for students and lecturers in universities and colleges of education. iCoach is an electric powered citywide bus with all tech amenities
available as in other Gllyd EVs. iLuxe is a high-end electric luxury vehicle that gives you access to enjoying A.I.
powered next generation comfort now.

Why should I use Gllyd?

Gllyd is safe, eco-friendly, affordable, cashless and easy to use

What should I expect riding with Gllyd?

A comfortable trip with all inbuilt facilities to make your trip as memorable as ever

How can I redeem my Gllyd Miles?

On the Gllyd app, click on Gllyd Xperience, then select Gllyd Interact, click, follow the directions to redeem your
Gllyd Miles.

Can I use Gllyd Miles for my trips?

Yes if your Gllyd Miles are commensurate to the cost of your trip, if not you have to pay the additional cost.

What is the compensation plan for referrals?

The formulation of the compensation plan is in progress

How can we earn Gllyd Miles (reward points)?

Gllyd Miles are earned through your interactions with Gllyd such as retweeting Gllyd content, sharing our
social media pages, solving riddles, winning games on the Gllyd app, frequent rides with Gllyd and through

How do I pay for my trip?

You can pay for your trip automatically and rate your driver through the Gllyd X on the GllydApp

Can I cancel or modify my booking?

Yes, simply launch the Gllyd app, if the driver is en route to your destination, just tap cancel ride and cancel
your trip, the sooner the better as you are less likely to pay a cancellation Fee

How can I sign up?

You need to download the app, install it and sign up to enjoy your next ride

What is Gllyd?

Gllyd is an electric service hailing company that uses green energy to provide transportation solutions
making every day commuting a memorable experience